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Learn At Home Educational Products for Teens

We have carefully hand selected and developed programs for students who are struggling in school and also those who are accelerated and gifted and need to be challenged or have that extra edge for college. Give your student the ability to communicate effectively and you give them the world!

Languages Student's "Think and Talk" Language Series (Spanish, Russian, German, Italian) Berlitz Think and Talk Language Courses are a brand new, totally revolutionary self-study language series from the world's leading name in language learning!

Conversation ConfidenceConversation Confidence Do you know how to make a great first impression? Whether you're talking to a business associate, on the phone, or at a party. Leil Lowndes shows you how to make a great first impression.

Everything's NegotiableEverything's NegotiableDiscover How To Negotiate As The Diplomats Do

Grammar for SuccessGrammar for Success How well you speak and write depends on your mastery of grammar, usage, and spelling! Dr. Richard Lederer is at his entertaining best as he personally leads you through the intricacies of proper usage, spelling, and punctuation.

Listening to WinListening to Win Do you posses the "Power Listening" Skills of Successful Leaders? Winners listen. They pay attention when you speak and they hear what you say. Winners respond only when you have finished talking. Their secret is that they have learned how to listen well. Now you can share this powerful secret with them.

Speaking Without FearSpeaking Without Fear or Nervousness It's frustrating and draining to live with your fear of the spotlight. Don't you wish you could just get over it? Now you can. Speaking Without Fear or Nervousness will help you identify your self-defeating thoughts and replace them with positive expectations.

Verbal AdvantageVerbal Advantage (Student Edition) Give your students the gift of a powerful vocabulary. We know that people judge us by the words we use and how we communicate. Arm your student with the best arsenal you can.

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iPowerWeb - Introducing the most powerful hosting solution

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