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Educational Reviews and Awards

Visit Review Corner: The site dedicated to providing parents with detailed children's software reviews with ratings, interesting articles about kids and computers, educational product reviews, video game reviews, and more!

Education Review publishes reviews of recent books in education, covering the entire range of education scholarship and practice.

Education Index is your guide to the best education-related sites on the Web.

Spotlight Educational Products

Listening to WinListening to Win Do you posses the "Power Listening" Skills of Successful Leaders? Winners listen. They pay attention when you speak and they hear what you say. Winners respond only when you have finished talking. Their secret is that they have learned how to listen well. Now you can share this powerful secret with them.

Speaking Without FearSpeaking Without Fear or Nervousness It's frustrating and draining to live with your fear of the spotlight. Don't you wish you could just get over it? Now you can. Speaking Without Fear or Nervousness will help you identify your self-defeating thoughts and replace them with positive expectations.

International Fund for Animal WelfareIFAW's mission is to improve the welfare of wildlife animals. Click here to read more.

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iPowerWeb - Introducing the most powerful hosting solution

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