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Educational Lesson Plans

For great lesson plans, try Lessonplanz.com.

LessonPlansPage.com is the definitive site for lesson plans. Check them out.

Another great site for lesson plans is Education World.

Homeschooling your child? Homeschooler's Curriculum Swap is a great site for lesson plans.

Having problems with a problem child? Visit Youth Change.

Spotlight Educational Products

Languages Children's "Think and Talk" Language Series (Spanish, Russian, German, Italian) Berlitz Think and Talk Language Courses are a brand new, totally revolutionary self-study language series from the world's leading name in language learning!

Math Game

The Math Game
If you ever watched your children struggle over math, you know the fear and frustration they feel at school. Now you can give your children help in math and show them a fun time, too. Give them The Math Game and sit back and watch them enjoy learning about numbers and how to use them.

International Fund for Animal WelfareIFAW's mission is to improve the welfare of wildlife animals. Click here to read more.

Family Plan

Hop.com. Click here

Wireless Video Camera Click Here
Motion Sensor Super Center Click Here

iPowerWeb - Introducing the most powerful hosting solution
iPowerWeb - Introducing the most powerful hosting solution

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