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Educational Directories:

Yahoo's Education Directory is a great place to find anything you need on education.

A great education directory for K-12 is the Awesome Library. It has 19,000 carefully reviewed education resources.

Want to find a college or university? Well, this is the supreme directory of all Colleges and Universities.

Spotlight Educational Products

Grammar for SuccessGrammar for Success How well you speak and write depends on your mastery of grammar, usage, and spelling! Dr. Richard Lederer is at his entertaining best as he personally leads you through the intricacies of proper usage, spelling, and punctuation.

Listening to WinListening to Win Do you posses the "Power Listening" Skills of Successful Leaders? Winners listen. They pay attention when you speak and they hear what you say. Winners respond only when you have finished talking. Their secret is that they have learned how to listen well. Now you can share this powerful secret with them.

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