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Teach Yourself at Home Educational Products for Children

These products are a great way to get your child communicating and reading immediately. Developed by top educators, these will help your child learn and process information quickly and most of all they're fun! Give your child the ability to communicate and you give them the world!
Languages Children's "Think and Talk" Language Series (Spanish, Russian, German, Italian) Berlitz Think and Talk Language Courses are a brand new, totally revolutionary self-study language series from the world's leading name in language learning!

Speed Reading

Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Dynamics®
Since it's inception in 1959, the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Dynamics® program has helped more than 2 million people read faster, more efficiently, and with improved comprehension and retention.

Jr. Phonics

The Junior Phonics Game
Here's your chance to give your pre-schoolers and kindergartners a head start. Children who develop early reading skills are often more successful in school - and beyond. The Phonics Game JuniorTM gives beginning readers the building blocks they need for better learning.

Phonics Game
The Phonics Game
(Total Reading System) The Phonics GameTM is a total phonetic reading system, cleverly disguised as a series of fun, interactive games. In fact, it’s six great games your children will love to play over and over. Just put the videos into the VCR and learn all about phonics, then play along! Learning is rapid because children continually see, hear and speak the sounds letters make as they play. Because the games are fun, your children will want to learn.

Math Game

The Math Game
If you ever watched your children struggle over math, you know the fear and frustration they feel at school. Now you can give your children help in math and show them a fun time, too. Give them The Math Game and sit back and watch them enjoy learning about numbers and how to use them.

Family Plan

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iPowerWeb - Introducing the most powerful hosting solution
iPowerWeb - Introducing the most powerful hosting solution

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